What is the difference between Compression Stockings for Men and for Women?

Nothing really!

People often wonder if there is a difference between compression stockings that are for men and compression stockings that are for women. Manufacturers label them different, put different pictures on the box, and even give them gender specific colors.

When it comes to the measurements on the leg, there is absolutely no difference! The reason why manufactures separate the men’s and women’s compression stockings is mostly because of the foot size and the fabric style.

Men have larger feet than women, so compression stockings specifically labeled for men usually have a longer foot. If you always complain about the foot portion being too tight on your toes, try wearing a men’s compression stocking.

Compression stockings for men and women also have different styles when it comes to the material. For women, a more sheer fabric is used, and the style of the compression stockings are usually without a pattern. For men, compression stockings tend to be ribbed, to look like a dress sock. Also, color selection varies depending on gender. Compression stockings for women usually get different beige colors such as Suntan, Natural, Taupe and Wheat. Men usually only get one beige color that’s Khaki.

If you don’t mind either way, and the length in the foot portion doesn’t bother you, you could wear any compression stocking you wanted, as long as it fits.