Product Review: Mediven Motion Sport

The Mediven Motion Sport is a superior athletic compression sock for both men and women. Designed and manufactured with futuristic threads and materials, the Motion Sport is a sock that wicks away moisture and pulls heat away from the skin. Ideal for any kind of sports activity, the smart synthetic fibers are also highly durable. Available in white and black, the Motion Sport is also a favorite when used as a dress sock.

Mediven Motion Sport


The Motion Sport is a very forward thinking compression sock. Effectively utilizing synthetic materials and fibers, the Motion Sport is able to manage heat and moisture better than most other cotton sport socks or nylon dress socks. Clima-Comfort fiber technology is used to draw perspiration away from the skin and the soft, plush material on the leg and padded sole gives a luxurious feeling. There is also a ribbed texture on the sock, which stretches out when worn on the leg, providing a cooling effect to relieve excess heat and moisture. The Motion Sport is available in both the 16-20 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg levels of compression and comes in five sizes so almost anyone can enjoy the benefits the Motion Sport has to offer.


Mediven’s Motion Sport compression socks are very durable. Made of mostly Polamid and Elasthan, Motion Sport isn’t as fragile as other synthetic dress socks therefore, with its thicker more plush construction, the Motion Sport holds up better to washing and wearing than other dress socks. So you’re covered when you’re playing a sport or walking long distances in airports.


The plushy material and cushioned sole wears great on any leg and the cool and comfortable material wicks away moisture, feeling like cotton during sport, travel and daily wear. The Motion Sport is extremely easy to wear, care for and it’s comfortable on your legs and feet no matter what you’re doing. Mediven has made an incredible compression sock.

Our Rating: 4½ Stars - Awesome!

Superb – The Mediven Motion Sport utilizes the Clima-Comfort fibers to ensure cool and comfy feet and legs.

Luxurious – The plush, ribbed design looks great on the leg and feels even better for the person wearing it.

Versatile – Not only is the Motion Sport good for sports, it’s also often worn as a dress sock.