Product Review: Sigvaris Select Comfort 860 Series

The Sigvaris Select Comfort 860 Series is the flagship Sigvaris compression stocking for Men and Women. The Select Comfort embodies the technology, expertise and tradition of quality that the Sigvaris brand has brought to consumers.


The Select Comfort 860 Series features double covered yarns that make the material softer and smoother, so it’s easier to put on and take off. Sigvaris says that their knit construction is easier to put on, so it’s ideal for patients with arthritis of a limited range of motion. The Select Comfort comes in the full range of styles and colors and is available in the 20-30 mmHg and 30-40 mmHg levels of compression. Knee high and thigh high models are available for both Men and Women. For women, pantyhose and maternity pantyhose are also available. This opaque material covers up blemishes on the skin for a smooth and even look. For men, two dressy ribbed colors are available. Men’s black and men’s khaki have thin ribbing for a professional dress sock look. The Select Comfort 860 Series is also conveniently available in both open toe and closed toe variants. Sigvaris utilizes their Precise Fitting System (PFS) so Select Comfort models come in 16 different sizes for knee high compression stockings and 12 sizes for thigh, pantyhose and maternity pantyhose compression stockings.


Select Comfort 860 Series compression stockings have good durability and lifespan. The material is not too thick and not too thin. So while you don’t have a sheer fabric, the opaque material covers up blemishes on the skin and spider veins and contains protruding varicose veins. The opaque material is better at containing swelling than fashion compression stockings. With the Select Comfort 860 Series, you’re not as likely to see holes or snags as sheer compression stockings. However, because the material is a soft material, you can still tear a hole or snag the material if you pull to hard. Sharp toe nails can wear a hole in the toes and rough heels or shoes can rub small holes in the heel. The Select Comfort 860 Series is not indestructible, but for what it’s used for, the durability is better than most. Always use proper technique when putting on compression stockings. Also, using Donning Gloves by Sigvaris will protect the compression stocking while making it easier for you to put on.


Soft and smooth, the Select Comfort is easy to wear for long periods of time. Because of its durable construction and soft materials, the 860 Series compression stockings are ideal for wear during post surgery, travel or pregnancy. The Select Comfort used for many applications, which makes it comfortable for most people with different skin types and sizes of legs. The most appealing aspect of the Select Comfort is its daily wearability. Many people rely on this model for a variety of uses and thus it’s worn everyday and for long periods of time by many people. There is no latex in the Select Comfort 860 Series so it is safe for individuals with latex/rubber allergies.

Our Rating: 4½ Stars - Great!

Versatile – The Select Comfort 860 Series comes in many different styles, colors and sizes and is used for many different applications.

Durable – The moderate, opaque material make this model easy to put on and take off.

Comfortable – Soft and smooth on the skin, the Select Comfort is appropriate for most leg sizes and skin types.