My Knee high Compression Stockings bind below my knee. What should I do?

We can help!

For some people, knee high compression stockings leave a mark below their knee.

Everyone has a different leg, and some people have soft skin below their knee and compression stockings will leave a mark in soft skin. If there is too much swelling near the knee, a knee high compression stocking might not be adequate to address the swelling in that area and thus will leave a mark.

If this happens to you, double check your size and fit. If you have the right size on, but have swelling on or above the knee, you may want to consider wearing a thigh high compression stocking. Marks below the knee can also be a result of wearing knee high compression stockings that have a level of compression that is too strong. In that case, you may want to consider wearing a lighter level of compression. Usually people who wear 30-40 mmHg knee highs experience this.

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