Should I wear Open Toe or Closed Toe Compression Stockings?

Compression stockings come in many different styles and colors. A common question is whether or not people should wear an open toe or closed toe compression stocking. An open toe compression stocking is a sock or stocking that has an opening at the toes. This is great for people with a large shoe size or people with sensitivities in the toes or in the front of the feet. Also, open toe compression stockings are cooler to wear in the warm weather. Often people wear an open toe compression stocking and then put on regular socks over it. This allows people to get the compression they need while wearing whatever kind of sock they want. The flexibility of open toe compression stockings make them popular during spring and summer and places with warm weather and for travelers.

Closed toe compression stockings feel more like a regular sock or stocking. Closed toe compression stockings usually feature a bubble toe to give people more room for the toes. Depending on the size and model, closed toe compression stockings accommodate shoe sizes up to 13 in men and 12 in women.

If you’re concerned about your shoe size when wearing a closed toe compression stocking, check the sizing charts or email us if you have any questions.