Why should I use Donning Gloves when putting on Compression Stockings?

Donning gloves are an excellent tool for putting on compression stockings because they protect the compression stockings from sharp nails and jewelry. They also have enough grip to move the compression stockings up your legs without damaging them.

People with sensitive skin and legs will benefit from donning gloves because it makes putting on compression stockings a more gentle process on the legs. If there is a wound and you’re trying to avoid moving the bandage, donning gloves will allow you to gently life the compression stocking over the affected area instead of just dragging it over the wound.

Donning gloves are also a great tool to help you take off your compression stockings. Also, once your compression stockings are on your legs, you can use your donning gloves to adjust the heel or the top band. The donning glove is a simple yet extremely useful tool for putting on compression stockings.