3 easy tips to help your Thigh high Compression Stockings stay up

Sometimes people have trouble keeping their thigh high compression stockings up on their legs. People complain that they fall or slide. Here are several tips to help thigh high compression stockings stay up.

1) Often when people put on their compression stockings, they forget to spread the material evenly on their legs. The stocking is overstretched at the top and tends to slide down. To fix this, put on your donning gloves and bring up some of the material from your ankle. Spreading the material evenly on the leg prevents the compression stocking from pulling itself down.

2) Make sure that your compression stockings have been washed and dried properly. After a day of wear, compression stockings get a bit loose and need to be washed to refresh the elastic fibers. Washing with cold water and a gentle soap will keep the compression stockings stretchy and fitting well on your legs.

3) Use a cotton ball with some rubbing alcohol and cleanse the silicone top band. On thigh high compression stockings, there is a silicone top band. The silicone needs to be cleansed once a week to remove oils and dirt from the silicone material.