How to Put on Compression Stockings

People often have trouble putting on compression stockings. If you know the right techniques, putting on your compression stockings can be easy. We've made this simple tutorial for you and we hope it helps.

It is strongly recommended that you use a pair of Donning Gloves. It protects your compression stocking from any snags or tears that can occur when you're putting them on. It allows your hands to grip onto the stocking with greater ease. It gives your hands the ability to grip the stocking without needing to pinch the stocking. Using the Donning Gloves will help you spread the material smoothly over your leg. And best of all, it saves you time!

Like all things, putting on compression stockings take a little practice. Be patient and your compression stockings will return the favor.

Putting On Compression Stockings

Step 1) Getting ready

The best time to put on compression stockings is during the morning. Make sure that your legs and feet are dry. You may also use some baby powder or talcum powder to help reduce friction. We recommend that you use Donning Gloves when putting on your compression stockings. If you are putting on an open toe stocking, you may use the foot-slip provided to you.

1) Getting ready

Make sure that the heel and toe are oriented to your leg before putting on your stocking. Remember, try not to bunch up the compression stocking or sock when putting them on.

Step 2) On the Foot

2) Step into your compressio stockings like pants

Pull the stocking over the foot until the ankle is completely covered. Bring some material over the ball of the foot. Then gently pull the material past the heel and over the ankle. Gradually send the material up your leg.

For open toe styles only, putting on the foot-slip will help reduce friction around the toes and under the heel.

Step 3) Over the Foot

3a) Bring the material over your foot

Pull some of the material over the toes and the ball of the foot. After you've brought some of the material on the foot, pull the material over the heel and over the ankle.

3b) Center the heel properly

As you ease the stocking over the foot, over the heel and up the calf, pay attention to the placement of the heel of the sock. Make sure that you center the heel of the sock properly.

Step 4)

4) Pull out the foot slip

If you're putting on an open toe stocking, now is the time to pull the foot-slip off your foot.

Step 5)

5) Check the top band

Check that the top band of the stocking is where it should be. For knee high styles, the top band should be two fingers below the bend of the knee. For thigh high styles, the top band should be all the way at the top of the thigh. If you are wearing an open toe, the toe band should rest comfortably on the base of the toes. You may adjust the toe band forwards or backwards to your preference.

Taking off Compression Stockings

Step 6)

6) Peel them off

To take off your compression stocking turn the top band inside-out and peel the stocking off your leg. This will prevent the material from bunching up at the ankle.

Step 7)

7) Keep pulling off your foot

Continue pulling the stocking off your leg and foot. Short little pulls will get the stocking off your foot without over stretching the material. Your stockings are now inside out and ready to be washed.

Time to wash your socks!

We hope this tutorial helped. Now you know how to put on and take off your compression stockings, read the How to wash your Compression Stockings guide.

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October 12, 2013

I was told that you cover the patients toes when they have diabetes, is this correct? What does the difference do?


May 16, 2013

Thanks for reading our blog, Richard! We do sell donning gloves on our website; they are only $4.95 and can be ordered directly from this link:

Feel free to give us a call if you ever have any questions: (425) 880-7893. We can also be reached by email at: Hope this helps!

Richard Dixon
Richard Dixon

May 10, 2013

I need a pair of men’s large donning gloves

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