Sigvaris Sea Island Cotton

The Sigvaris Sea Island Cotton features premium "Sea Island" cotton in a 15-20 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg compression sock for men and women.

  • Authentic Sea Island Cotton is considered the "cashmere" of cotton for it's softness
  • Wide heel and bubble toe add extra comfort to your feet
  • Comfortable over-the-counter compression increases circulation in your leg
  • Great looking colors look professional in any attire
  • Easy care, machine washable
  • Durable construction makes this sock last

How to Order

  1. Choose the gender.
  2. Choose the Compression level.
  3. Choose your size. You may need to take a measurements to get your size. With your leg measurements, look up your size in the sizing chart in the images, or check out the Sigvaris Sizing Chart in a PDF.
  4. Choose your color.

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