Mediven For Men Select

Mediven For Men Select features a modern carbon fiber pattern that looks great in any occasion. Accurate medical compression increases circulation and reduces swelling. The new modern pattern comes in several colors. Available in 15-20 mmHg, 20-30 mmHg and 30-40 mmHg.

  • Anatomical right and left foot
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Modern ribbed design
  • Wide range of sizes

How to Order

  1. Choose the Compression level.
  2. You may need to take a measurements to get your size. With your leg measurements, look up your size in the sizing chart in the images, or check out the Mediven Sizing Chart in a PDF.
  3. Choose if you need the Extra Wide Calf option. Extra Wide Calf sizing gives more room in the calf, but keeps the same ankle measurements. Note that not all sizes are available as Extra Wide Calf.
  4. Choose the your size.
  5. Choose between Standard and Tall lengths. Measure your lower leg length. If it's below 18 inches, choose Standard length. If it's above 18 inches, choose Tall length. As a rule of thumb, if you're taller than 6 foot 2 inches, you likely need the Tall length.
  6. Choose your color.

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