Sigvaris Cotton 230 Knee

The Sigvaris Cotton knee high stocking for men is a versatile medical grade compression sock. Whether you are in the office or running errands, this ribbed sock will help your legs feel great throughout your busy day. The true 20-30 mmHg graduated medical grade stocking will help prevent symptoms of edema and lymphedema.

  • High quality Supima cotton for comfort and durability
  • Ideal for sensitive skin and allergies
  • Ribbed design

How to Order

  1. Choose the gender.
  2. Choose the Compression level.
  3. Choose your color. Some colors are available in the Open Toe style.
  4. Choose your size. You may need to take a measurements to get your size. With your leg measurements, look up your size in the sizing chart in the images, or check out the Sigvaris Sizing Chart in a PDF.

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