Socks 4 Socks

What is the Socks 4 Socks Initiative?

Socks 4 Socks is a non-profit initiative by LegSmart to provide medical compression garments to needy patients who can’t afford them.

Why do we need Socks 4 Socks?

Patients who do not have basic health insurance are unable to obtain the medical compression garments when diagnosed with CVI and its related complications. These individuals are at high risk for worsening prognosis and additional complications. Providing access to medical compression garments for these patients will make a significant impact on their health and lives.

Socks 4 Socks: Our Responsibilities

  • Connect with beneficiary patients through referrals from healthcare providers
  • Work with their healthcare provider and identify their treatment plan and prescription
  • Measure and fit patients with medical compression garments
  • Provide the medical compression garments to the patient
  • Educate and support patients with compliance and proper care of their compression garment
  • Follow up and maintain compliance with the patient and their healthcare provider 2 and 4 months after initial fitting
  • Invite new healthcare providers to the Socks 4 Socks initiative


We need help from Healthcare Providers

Socks 4 Socks wants to partner with vascular, dermatology, internal medicine, wound care, emergency and urgent care providers to identify beneficiary patients for this initiative.

We need providers to diagnose and treat beneficiary patients. With a treatment plan in place and a prescription sent to Socks 4 Socks, LegSmart staff will measure, fit, and educate the patient about compliance with their compression garments.

Global Leaders in Compression join the Initiative: Juzo, Sigvaris and Mediven

Socks 4 Socks has been made possible through the generous donations from Juzo, Sigvaris and Mediven. These are the global leaders in medical compression garments and they contributing their products to helps patients in need get the medical care needed.


Socks 4 Socks: Our Goals

Our goal is to provide compression garments to 80 patients by the end of May 2015, and establish this non-profit initiative as a sustainable model to provide garments to needy patients.

Socks 4 Socks also seeks to raise awareness within the medical community about the importance of compliance with compression garments as it relates to vascular health.


We look forward to your participation with us to make Socks 4 Socks a success!


Yours Truly,

Sam Tang

CEO, LegSmart