Product Review: Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton

The Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton series is a great compression sock to wear for a casual look and to have the benefit of compression. Available in the knee-hi style the 15-20 mmHg Cushioned Cotton is ideal for both women and men as daily wear to keep your legs feeling healthy and energized.


In comparison to most other cotton compression stockings, the Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton is a slightly thicker sock with added padding around the reinforced toe and heel of the sock. This feature makes the Cushioned Cotton even more comfortable to wear on a daily basis. One of my other favorite features of this sock is the support around the arch. Having a snug fit around the arch of the foot feels even more supportive and really feels good while you’re walking around all day.


Because of the thicker material and cushioning included in this sock, it wears great with tennis shoes or most boots (however ladies, I would not recommend wearing this sock with dressy boots that have a tight fit). One concern that many people have with Compression Stockings that contain cotton is that the stocking will leave line marks on your legs when taken off. Although the Sigvaris Cushioned Cotton sock does have some ribbing, the ribbing is very narrow and any leftover appearance from the design is very minimal.


The thickness and cotton material of this sock make it a very durable garment. Don't get me wrong; the thickness of the sock is not so thick that your legs will be begging to breathe. Yes, the Cushioned Cotton would be more ideal to wear during the colder months but the breathability of the sock is still exceptional when worn otherwise.

Our Rating: 4.5 Stars – A comfortable and supportive sock all around for both women and men!

4.5 star rating

Comfortable: The cushioning in the toe and heel of the sock gives just the right amount of padding for the foot and the top band for the knee-hi does not bind.

Supportive: The compression of this sock makes it a great candidate to keep your legs feeling energized throughout the day and that snug fit around the arch will give additional support to the foot portion of the sock.