Product Review: Juzo Dynamic Cotton For Men

Juzo has always been known to excel in making medical grade garments for managing lymphedema. Recently, Juzo has been rolling out fashionable support options such as leggings, sheer stockings, and now, a cotton sock for men. The Juzo Dynamic Cotton for Men is designed specifically to provide you comfortable and lasting compression. The foot portion is also designed to be larger so that it is not too constricting or binding. This sock will provide your legs with a comfortable support so that your legs will feel energized even after a long day at work.


The Dynamic Cotton is as its name implies: dynamic. The modern yet subtle ribbed design is good for casual or formal wear, and it is comfortable enough to wear all day. The manufacturers chose cotton because many people don't like that the synthetic fibers are not quite as breathable. With this cotton-lined sock, you will not have to worry about that anymore. The sock comes in Black, Khaki, Navy, and Brown, so it is versatile enough to be incorporated into any outfit.


After looking at the sock and feeling the fabric, I can tell that this is definitely going to be a favorite among men. Most other styles of ribbed socks feel too thin and don’t have quite as much cushion as this one does. In addition, the toe box and top band are clearly made for larger feet and wider calf sizes.


The composition of this sock was meant solely for durability and comfort. The fabric is thick enough to provide your legs with just the right amount of cushion without being too bulky. The synthetic/cotton blend makes for a smooth fabric that is easy to put on and wear.

Our Rating: 4 stars – Juzo's first daily wear sock for men is great!

4 star rating

Dynamic: This cotton sock is great to wear at work, on the weekend, everyday!

Comfortable: The thick cushioned sock will provide you with comfortable compression all day.