Product Review: Sigvaris Sports Athletic Recovery

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The Sigvaris Athletic Recovery compression sock does as its name implies. This sport sock will help you recover faster and prime you for your next workout. The breathable soft fabric gives your legs comfort during and after exercise, and the graduated compression reduces fatigue.


The Sigvaris Athletic Recovery compression sock is part of the Sigvaris Sports series. This 15-20 mmHg sock is meant to be worn after exercise to reduce leg fatigue and lactic acid buildup. The sizing requires an ankle measurement to ensure accurate and effective graduated compression. Although a stronger compression is recommended during exercise, this versatile sock can serve to support your legs both during and after your workout. The polyester and nylon spandex blend makes for a comfortable and breathable wear through even the most rigorous of activities.


The Athletic Recovery fits right into your workout clothes because it is stylish and comfortable. The Athletic Recovery comes in either black or white and is a unisex sock. Moisture wicking materials help keep your feet and legs cool throughout your exercise routine. The seams on the sock are flat and soft so your feet won't get irritated regardless of your work out shoes.


The material on the Athletic Recovery sock is a soft material that is meant for relaxing and recovering. If you decide to wear this sock a lot during exercise, you will notice that the material does wear down a little bit faster. However, if worn mainly for recovery, then these socks hold up great. The reinforced arch support relieves your feet from excess pressure, and the soft knit compresses your legs enough to keep the circulation going and prevent lactic acid buildup.

Our Rating of the Sigvaris Athletic Recovery: 4 Stars

4 star rating

Functional – The Sigvaris Athletic Recovery compression sock is great for keeping your legs feeling energized both during and after workouts.

Comfortable – The premium blend of dri-release polyester and nylon spandex make for ideal exercise garment material.

Stylish – The Athletic Recovery's sleek and modern design give you the look and feel of a professional athlete.