Wear Compression Socks During R.I.C.E.

Exercising is crucial for maintaining good health. But with exercise and athletic activity comes the possibility of injury. Doctors and physical therapists recommend a recovery regimen generally referred to as R.I.C.E. to help athletes and ordinary folks heal after injuries from exercise and strenuous athletics. Compression socks can play an important role in the R.I.C.E. process to help heal the injuries you can get from exercising.

What is R.I.C.E.?

R.I.C.E. stands for the four stages of treatment of an athletic injury:

Rest: The first thing your doctor will tell you is to stop your activity and rest your injured body part. Don’t try to walk on that sprained ankle or open a jar with that sprained wrist. Take it easy.

Ice: In the hours immediately after an injury, careful application of ice can prevent swelling and alleviate pain by reducing blood flow to the injury. Never apply ice directly to the skin or ice for more than 20 continuous minutes.

Compression: Sport compression socks are an easy way to get medically accurate compression to an injury in the foot, ankle or calf without the difficulty of wrapping or the uncertainty of knowing how much compression is necessary or helpful. Sport compression socks also help reduce swelling by encouraging fluid to drain from away from the injury, which can help alleviate pain. Compression sleeves are also available for injuries to the arm and elbow.

CEP Sports Compression Socks and Sleeves offer specialized compression garments for biking and hiking as well as compression sleeves for arm injuries and sport compression socks for football, soccer and other sports involving running. CEP running compression socks maximize oxygenation of the muscles, support calf muscles, aid in correct alignment and support the Achilles tendon. Wearing CEP running compression socks during exercise can help prevent injury as well as aid in the recovery process.

Elevation: The last step in injury treatment is elevation, or keeping the injury above the level of the heart. This also helps to remove excess fluid from the injury.

Compression is an essential part of injury recovery. Sport compression socks make it easy to get the right compression to your injury immediately, affording you greater comfort and faster healing.

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