Benefits of Compression Socks for Travel

Holiday travel can be stressful and uncomfortable. Traveling by car, train or air subjects us to forced periods of inactivity, which can lead to fluid pooling in our feet and ankles. This not only makes sitting more uncomfortable than it needs to be, but it can pose health hazards, as well. Travel compression socks can make your holiday travels easier and less tiring by:

Increasing circulation

Circulation is adversely affected not only by long periods of sitting or standing in one place, but also by the pressurized cabins of airplanes. Air travel compression socks offer low, graduated compression to help travelers keep their blood flowing and decrease swelling in the legs and feet. A higher level of compression is even more beneficial for pregnant moms or those who have certain health problems.

Preventing aching muscles

When you have to run to catch a connection, travel compression socks help by keeping your muscles loose and preventing soreness after intense periods of activity.

Safer driving

Long drives lead to leg cramps and swollen ankles. Compression socks are a great way to help you keep your legs and feet supported during your shift at the wheel.

If you have never tried compression socks for travel, now is a good time to give them a test drive. You might be surprised at how much easier all forms of travel are when you don’t have to worry about swelling in your legs and feet, leaving you with more energy for standing in long lines at the airport.

Have a safe and happy holiday travel season!