Juzo Silver Soft Compression Stockings for Sensitive Skin

Juzo Slver Soft Compression Stockings at LegSmart.com

If you have sensitive skin, everything you wear has to be carefully vetted for how it will react on your skin. For those who need compression stockings but have skin that flares up at the slightest provocation, Juzo compression stockings may be the solution you’ve been looking for. Not only are they gentle on sensitive skin, but they can even help soothe minor irritations.

How Socks Affect Sensitive Skin

There are many elements in a sock that can irritate sensitive skin, including the types of fibers used to make the fabric; any dyes or chemicals used on the fabric; the method of construction (seamed or seamless); and moisture regulation. For compression sock wearers with skin sensitivities, it’s especially important to choose products that won’t cause any inflammations. In diabetic patients, for example, skin irritations can lead to wounds that are difficult to heal.

Juzo Silver Soft Compression Stockings are Beneficial for Sensitive Skin

Juzo compression stockings are made to be worn over sensitive skin. They’re made from hypoallergenic Lycra fibers, each of which is microspun with protective thread, so they’re breathable and latex-free. Juzo compression stockings also contain silver, which is widely used in medicine to dissipate heat from the skin and inhibit the growth of infectious microbes. For skin that is prone to irritation, it is particularly important to stop microbes before they cause infection.

Silver provides other benefits to Juzo compression stockings as well

  • It reduces unpleasant odors by binding with denatured protein and ammonia ions.
  • It dissipates electrical charges and eliminates static cling.
  • It’s non-toxic and all-natural.
  • The silver in Juzo compression stockings will never wash out or wear off – it is permanently bonded to the fibers in the sock fabric.
  • Those with sensitive skin who have been advised by a medical professional to wear compression socks may find Juzo compression stockings more comfortable and soothing than other brands.