Choosing the Best Sports Compression Sock

Sports Compression Socks

Wearing sports compression socks for running, sports or recovery is really good for increasing circulation in your legs. Sports compression socks are not just for people who get swelling in their legs or have problems with varicose veins. Many people wear them because sports compression socks reduce muscle fatigue and speed up recover time during and after workouts. Sigvaris makes the Performance Compression Sock and the Performance Compression Calf Sleeve for running and CEP makes sports compression socks for running, cycling, hiking and skiing.

Benefits of Sports Compression Socks

Sports compression socks increases the circulation in your legs, which help prevent muscles from aching and growing tired as quickly as normal. Wearing compression socks after a workout also help your muscles recover more quickly before more oxygen is brought to your muscles through increased blood flow. Lactic acid is being flushed out of your muscles to aid in recovery. Also compression socks for running help reduce muscle soreness, fluid retention and swelling.

Moisture-wicking and ribbed materials in sports compression socks help draw perspiration away from your skin to help you feel cool and stay dry.

Compression socks for running are more durable than cotton socks or those made of high tech synthetic materials, making them a good choice for long walks, as well.

For cycling, the CEP Biking compression socks are comfortable and feature cushioned soles that feel plush on your feet.