Compression Socks for Men

mens dress compression socks

Men are just as susceptible to leg health issues as women are. Great looking compression socks for men like Sigvaris Business Casual, Mediven For Men or the Juzo Soft Ribbed are designed to look much like regular every day socks. The manufacturers of these designs seek to provide men with the therapeutic relief of compression socks with the look and feel of regular socks.

Compression socks for men are designed with different sizing and materials than those of women. Some men’s compression socks are ribbed to look like dress socks, can be worn with almost any pair of shoes and are usually available in a few basic colors, such as white, khaki and black to match your pants. Compression socks for men also lack the delicate details added to women’s compression stockings. These are truly men’s socks. Men's compression stockings are also available in styles and colors that look just like athletic socks like the Mediven Motion Sport or the Sigvaris Performance. If your doctor recommends a full-leg style, Juzo soft compression stockings are available in an opaque flat material which looks like leggings instead of sheer nylon pantyhose and can be comfortably worn under a pair of pants.

Men’s compression socks are constructed especially with men in mind – in both styling and in design details such as having a longer foot. If your doctor has suggested compression socks for you, take a look at the styles and selections now available.