My Compression Stockings fall down because my swelling has gone down. What can I do?

A reduction in swelling is always a good thing! When you start wearing compression stockings, the swelling in your legs will begin to reduce.

The swelling in your legs may reduce to the point that your compression stockings will be too big for your legs and slide down. If you have a lot of swelling, and you are wearing compression stockings, measure your legs once every 30 days to make sure that the size of your compression stocking is still right for you.

If your sizing has changed due to the reduction in swelling, then you will need a new compression stocking that is the right size for your legs. This is common in people who have lots of swelling in their legs.

1) Measure your legs

Go to our Measuring for Compression Stockings guide and re-measure your legs to see how much swelling has reduced from your legs.

2) Check to see if your size has changed on the Sizing Charts

Find the sizing chart for your favorite compression stocking and see if your size has changed.

If you need help figuring out the sizing charts, read our guide on How to find your size on the Sizing Charts.

3) Look for a new Compression Stocking

Now that you have new measurements and you've found your new sizes, check out our Compression Stocking Picker. It'll ask you some simple questions and help narrow down the choices to our recommended pick just for you.

And if you ever need help finding a new compression stocking, our trained and certified Customer Care Team is ready to help you. Just drop us a line!