What to do about my Open Toe Compression Stocking rolling on my foot?

Open compression stockings are easy to put on and take off and many people prefer to have their toes open to wear sandals. But sometimes, the opening of the toe band will drift or roll up on the foot. This could be caused by several things, but we’ll talk about the two most common.

First, the shoe might be too tight. So when you’re wearing an open toe with or without a sock over it and you put your foot into a tight shoe, the toe band rolls up. A solution would be to wear a shoe that has more room in the front. Or avoid wearing socks that are too thick over your open toe compression stocking.

Second, the open toe compression rolls when it gets worn out. Make sure you’re washing your compression stockings properly after wearing them and that they are replaced every 4-6 months depending on how often you wear them.

Juzo makes compression stockings that feature a low impact single toe seam for their open models. Consider trying the Juzo Soft.