What should I do if my measurements don’t fit into a size?

Don’t worry!

A lot of people don’t fit perfectly into a particular size. What you should do is check the different sizing charts of similar models in other brands to see if another model fits you better. If you’re still having a tough time fitting into a size or model, you’ll have to pick which measurement (ankle, calf or thigh) you want your sock to fit better. If you’re looking for a knee high compression stocking, and your calves are too big, it’s better to find a size that fits your calves better than your ankles. Having your calves be too tight is worse than having an ankle that’s a little loose. Men shopping for thigh high compression stockings will often find that the ankle and calf fit them well, but the thigh is a little too loose. In that case, they might want to consider getting a thigh measurement that fits well while the calf and ankle fits tighter. This is because having a thigh high that slides down is very annoying, much more so than having measurements that are tighter on the lower leg. In a similar example, women sometimes find that their thighs are too large for a particular size. In that case, find a size that fits the thigh comfortably, and just know that the calf and ankle will be a bit looser.