Happy New Years!

Whew! Where did 2013 go?! Well, from all of us at LegSmart to you, we wish you the best in the coming year. As you begin planning and thinking about your new years resolutions, be sure to set realistic goals for yourself and take them one step at a time so as to not get discouraged quickly (remember what we talked about in the beginning of the year?) Whether you plan on eating healthier, being more fit, or running a marathon, make sure you're doing it because you truly want to. Keep a positive mindset and have your friends or family keep you accountable and encourage you. My personal goals for this year are to go to the gym consistently (at least 3 times a week), make less excuses for doing so, and cut out fast food (time to get rid of the belly fat!).

Whatever you plan on doing this new years eve we hope you are safe and have fun spending quality time with those you love. See you all next year! Cheers!

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