Happy Thanksgiving!

From the staff at LegSmart to all of you, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

During this time of the year, it is great to reflect on and be reminded of the many things you have to be thankful for in life, big or small. However you are spending your Thanksgiving this year, take some time to look around you and think about what you are grateful for. Whether it be your health, education, family, friends, job, or even your very ability to smile, we all have several things in our lives that we most likely take for granted on a daily basis. Though everyone comes from different backgrounds and upbringings, we are all ultimately sharing in the same human experience. Let this be a small reminder to you during this season and the upcoming holidays to show compassion, love others as yourself, and to carry with you an undying sense of positivity throughout every aspect of your life.

If you're travelling, be safe out in those crazy weather conditions! Take time to slow down and catch up with your family and friends; some of us don't get to see them very often! Make sure your friends and family are not drinking and driving (get those blankets and pull out sofas ready!). Most of all, enjoy the great abundance of food and try not to fall into a food coma before reaching dessert. Again from us at LegSmart to you, we wish you the warmest and happiest of Thanksgivings. Cheers!

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